Make the Most out of your Small Bathroom Space

Having a large bathroom with modern fittings and fixtures is every home owners dream. However, few can fulfil them because of space constraints. A full sized bath or adequate shower space is generally seen in large bathrooms with a touch of luxury in them. Now, it can be a reality for you too, even if you do not have a bathroom that has opulence written all over it. There are many innovative ways that you can follow to have top end fittings especially a bath and shower squeezed into your existing bathroom space.

Start off by checking the building code and regulations of your local area which generally focus on safety features. For installing a bath, the stipulations are usually the quantum of space that should be kept clear from the longest side of your bath, from the front of the toilet and basin and clearance and for the shower door. The floor space in the shower should be a minimum of 30in x 30in. Keeping these things in mind it is time for you to get down to the task on hand. Before buying the fixtures and fittings it is recommended that you consult an expert bathroom renovator to confirm that you have got all things right.

Even if you have just about enough space for the bath, it is important that you shuffle things around to create more space. You would definitely not want to be in an overcrowded space in your daily routines. Here are a few things that you can try out.

Corner Space – Optimally use corner spaces with a wide variety of options. You can have a corner bath and shower or even go for corner toilets, basins and cabinets. Apart from the novelty and aesthetics, these designs will open up the area and create a sense of space in your bathroom.

Wall hung fixtures – Free up cluttered floor space with wall hung fittings by choosing space saving wall mounted fixtures such as a toilet or a basin unit.

Toilet and basin pair up – Do not engage walls with the toilet in one and the basin in another. Pair up both on the same wall so that other walls are freed up to accommodate the shower or bath. Once the walls are clear after you have shifted the existing fittings to a separate wall, use the shorter wall to install the shower and the longer wall for the bath. In every case, take special care to ensure that all building regulations are adhered to.

Outward opening door – If it is not there already, consider altering your bathroom door to an outward opening style to have more space inside your bathroom.

Once you have completed the groundwork, it’s time to go shopping for space saving fittings.

Baths – You will get baths that will fit snugly into your bathroom. Corner baths are curved on one side so that there is lot of space on the other side. Most straight baths will fit flush against a wall and allow you to maximise space. You can also try Therma-form baths that has almost 25% internal bathing area than conventional steel or ceramic baths.

Showers – Quadrant showers can easily slot into a corner. Matched with sliding doors, it makes movement within the stall that much easier. Another option is in-fold showers with doors that fold inwards to maximise space. Finally, there are the 40mm tall slimline shower trays that you can use as perfect accessories to complement your shower.

Overall, your goal should be to have fittings that are absolutely necessary. Once you have cleared up the redundant fixtures, you will find that you can comfortably squeeze in a shower and bath.

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